On this most memorable Mother's Day weekend, we jetted down to Florida and threw a party to celebrate

Mom's 80th Birthday!

Saturday May 10th, Laurie, Jean, Nancy, Kathy, Steve & myself all pulled off a great surprise party for Mom on Siesta Key in the Condo Party room.

Over 40 of Mom's friends and family were in attendance, hunkered down, quiet as Church Mice. Promptly at 5PM, Mom strolled into what she thought was a small dinner with her kids - that clearly was something far bigger. Picture right is of her surprise over discovering the big shindig.

The Girls laid on a feast that is the new family standard in abundance and overkill. Salads, Chicken, Meatballs, Treats - there was enough for 5 parties of the same size.

After dinner we watched a video that featured all Mom's kids and Grandkids recalling moments of their lives with Mom. At the end of the video, we spoke a short prayer of Thanks for our Mom/Grandmother where all of us took a piece of the prayer on the video. You can watch it below.

Following the video, it was time to open presents and Mom had plenty of those given her by her friends & family. The cake was brought forth, with just a few candles, and everyone enjoyed that along with other little tasty delicacies - including the Little Eclairs!

Most everyone stayed till the end as it was such a good time.

Many, Many thanks go to Kathy, Steven, Laurie, Jean & Nancy for ALL the work they did to give Mom this great Party. Mom is so proud of all of you...... Even Steve.....

We are all so thankful for our Mom and wish her the Happiest of Birthdays!

Mom, you are loved by all!

Click Picture Below To See Mom's 80th Birthday Video!