With Princess Kathy in Full Command, we paused to reflect on our many Blessings this

Happy Thanksgiving!

With what seems like the 30th year in a row, our Kathy hosted all that were hungry at her Thanksgiving table, with a feast that was her best to date. Sister Laurie & Nancy along with their entire familes were there.

Sister Jean & Steven were in the Bush in Africa winding up their Safari - so they were missed. Well at least Jean was. Our sons Ben, Brett & Brad were there along with their beauty babes Jordan, Mary & Tina. Bryan & Sabrina came a bit later toting the star of the Day - no Year - our family's littlest Superhero Thor!

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Everyone came by around 2:00PM and Kathy had the Bird on the table by 4:30. The Menu is shown below, accompanied by my grade judging to it's taste, presentation & deliciousness. As you can see, mostly stellar marks, except I had trouble finding my Cokes which were buried at the bottom of the beer cooler. Video to the right of Kathy's Report Card is of Thor getting a Thanksgiving present from his Uncle Brett & Aunt Mary. Superb!



Turkey (Butterball)




Green Bean Casserole


Corn Casserole


Sweet Potatoes


Hand Mashed Taters


Jello W/ Strawberries




Soft Drinks


In fact is was such an enjoyable evening that for the first time in many years, I did not suggest it was time for everyone to leave after dessert. Most stayed to watch the Bear victory over the Cheeseheads and we were overjoyed that Mike Gregorio came by after dinner to watch the game with us. Picture on the bottom is of Bro-in-Law Randy carving the Bird under the close supervision of Her Majesty.

Full compliments go to the Princess who with me barely helping at all, put the day together beautifully as only she can.

Well done Katarina.