Humbled by God's Grace & Love in his creation of so perfect a child, we welcomed into the world

Theodore Russell Johnson!

Thor, as he will be called, is the firstborn son of our eldest boy Bryan & wife Sabrina. He was born at 5:44PM CST on Feb 6, 2015 at Highland Park Hospital weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 13ozs. Mother & baby are doing fine.

It had been a tumultous last couple months for Bryan & Sabrina as they just moved back to Chicago from Boston a month ago, after Bryan landed a job at the same Hospital where Baby Thor was born.

They are living with us until they get their own place later in the year. We are overjoyed to have them - and now our 1st Grandhild with us.

As it goes, Sabrina started to feel contractions around 8:00PM on the day before the birth. A quick call to the Doctor confirmed that they better proceed directly to the hospital. There Kathy & Sabrina's parents Tony & Sue kept Bry & Sabrina company as they awaited the birth.

Alas, though contractions continued throughout the night & day, Thor wasn't cooperating. The Doctor decided around 4PM that they would take the baby by Caesarean Section and things happened pretty quickly following.

There was quite a crowd at the Hospital awaiting any shred of news. Kathy & I, Sue & Tony, Brett, Brad and their girlfriends Mary & Tina along with sister Jean and later arriving Ben all were there to see Thor on his True BIRTHDAY.

A quick story

Early on, everyone had departed to the Nursery to see if they could spot a glimpse of Thor behind the drawn blinds. I stayed back in the room by myself and was surprised to see Bryan suddenly appear, still in his scrubs and surgical mask! Proclaiming "Boy, He's Big!" Bryan scooped up the camera and shot the pictures in the Nursery - literally 16 minutes following the birth.

Later, while Sabrina was still in the Recovery room, Bryan came by and Kathy asked "What's his name?" Bryan replied, "Theodore Russell Johnson." When I heard that I started weeping. They had honored my beloved, sainted Godfather, Russell - a man Bryan & Sabrina had never met - and their loving gesture was overwhelming to me. I later learned that Sabrina's maternal Grandfather was named Russell as well, honoring him too.

An hour or so later, Sabrina was released from the recovery room and triumphantly was wheeled alongside her firstborn back into the room. A free for all ensued with everyone vying to hold baby Thor - who didn't cry once. Thor went from Aunty to Uncle to Grandma to Grandpa not unlike how the winning team passes the Stanley Cup to each teammate.

Benjamin had brought a Dr Pepper for Sabrina & a book for Thor. The book was entitled "How To Get A Girlfriend". Thor will be well prepared for Babesville when that time arrives. We all chatted and marvelled at the baby, but after a little while it was time to let the new family get some rest. As most of us had arrived separately we individually returned to our cars to drive home.

As for me, I was parked in the back lot. Darkness had fallen as I got to my car. I looked up to Heaven and said a prayer of thanks for God's blessing. In the sky I could see but a single star - which was God's joyous sign of my new, shining Grandson. But as I continued to gaze, I started to see other stars appear- representing Thor's Heavenly & Earthly family . All of God's family that will nurture, guide & protect Thor throughout his life.

Praise God Almighty. Our Lord is good.

Thor In The Nursery - 16 Minutes After he was born

Sabrina & Thor Arrive in the room!

Sabrina, Bryan, Ben & Thor Chat