On a gorgeous Sunday, the week following Easter, over 50 family and friends met at Trinity Lutheran Church to witness

Thor's Baptism!

At the same Baptismal font where Bryan was Baptized almost 30 years before, our little cherub was Baptized into Christ's flock by Pastor Dan Schwick.

He uttered not a cry or sound of protest as he was Baptized in an emotional ceremony that culminated in Pastor Schwick holding Thor aloft, walking him up and down the aisle of the Church to show off Christ's latest little warrior to all in attendance.

Proud Godparents Anthony & Ashley did a great job as they took on their solemn responsiblity. At the font also were both sets of Grandparents with plenty of tears running down their cheeks.

Pastor Schwick wove Thor's Baptism into his sermon more than a few times, making his message particularly meaningful to us all.

After Baptizing him with water, Pastor annoited Thor's head with oil, in the sign of the Cross symbolizing that nothing can separate him from Christ. Praise God!

We took a few snaps after the ceremony and then headed off to our house where Princess Kathy laid on a feast of Biblical Proportions. I remember bossy Sister Laurie commanding me to take some snaps of the Buffet table, because it was the most delectable she had ever seen. Way to go Kathy!



Baptismal Pictures Of Four Generations

Of First Born Johnson Sons

Both sides of the family chatted up a storm, ate to their hearts content, both inside and in the back garden. I was quite the gracious host myself, not doing very much to help of course, but keeping an eye on the clock to make sure they were all tossed out before final round coverage of The Masters began on TV.

With such pride, I found myself looking at Bryan & Sabrina, so much in love with the greatest gift they could have ever imagined. Oh, the future they have in front of them.

That afternoon, with my sons and my Baptized grandson, we watched The Masters with a smile I just couldn't wipe off my face.

We are so blessed!

Video of Thor's Baptism

(The Holy Spirit Hit's Thor at 8:41 of the video)