On a beautiful summer Saturday, we stopped by the Perrymans to celebrate

Tyler's Birthday and his Graduation From Junior High School!

The Perryman's, Johnson's, Gregorio's & Gallo's turned out in force to join Ty on his momentous day. Even little Thor insisted on sending his Congratulations to Tyler. Also newlyweds Johnny and his Babe-a-licous bride Jen stopped by with everyone recounting their idyllic Wedding and Reception that had just taken place in Mexico a week or so before. Picture right is Tyler with his proud Grandma & Grandpa.

Lauren Perryman outdid herself with yet another Birthday Cake Masterpiece featuring Tylers name adorned on a BlackHawk Jersey shown to the left. I believe I may be Lauren's favourite Uncle, (easily beating out blood relation Uncle Randy), as we spent many minutes catching up on her life and ongoing activities. She is just lovely.

Baby Thor, was another hit to the party as he got passed around like the Stanley Cup and had nothing but a smile on his face as people hoisted, poked, squeezed, pinched, bit, kissed, rumpled and otherwise loved him up.

Picture below is of the Cousins (give or take a few others) and then following that the entire group, minus yours truly. Finally, a picture of just Randy & Nancy's family that I'm sure will be the snap you'll see on their Christmas Card....



Congratulations Tyler

You are a great Godson and a wonderful young man

God Bless you!