With unbound Joy & Happiness we are so pleased that on a snowy December 16,

Jordan & Ben Got Engaged!

Smack dab on the second anniversary of when they began dating, second son Ben got down on his knees and proposed to his lovely girlfriend Jordan Jones. Jordan and Ben first met each other over 10 years ago in High School, but sparks didn't fly until they reconnected 2 years ago.

They are both teachers in Schaumburg's School District 54 - though teach at different schools. Jordan comes from a great family. Her parents Jon & Susan, were kind enough to throw a party after the Proposal at their home in Buffalo Grove. Everyone except Jordan was in on the plans, all contributing to making this a most memorable day.

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Ben had arranged for both of them to take off a day with substitute teachers in place for them both. Under a gentle, all day snowfall they visited the Morton Aboretum, had dinner at Coopers-Hawk and even stopped by my office in Itasca. The plan had been to bring her back to our house to pop the question - as it was empty since we were all at the Jones' waiting to start the party.

They are both avid Board Game Players, so Ben doctored up a Scrabble board shown left to Pop the big question. What is absolutley hilarious is Ben can't find the ring. So after she reads the Board, he finally spies the ringbox, scoops it up and gets on one knee to ask for her hand....

After Jordan accepted they swung across town to her families home where the party started in earnest. Tears, Shrieks, and Hugs enveloped all as the young couple was pounced upon.... Picture below is of the 2 familes, and some Happy Moms, all proudly showing off Jordan & Ben....

Thanks to Jon & Susan Jones for Raising such a fine daughter and for hosting the great after proposal party.

Thanks to Jordan for finally taking Ben off our hands.

But most importantly we give thanks to God for bringing these 2 together.

Congratulations, and all our love Jordan & Ben!