On a gorgeous Sunday of Labor Day weekend, it was party time to celebrate

Ben's 2 Masters Degrees!

Our Benjamin Russell has just completed all the requirements for his 2nd Masters Degree - this one from Olivet Nazarene University in Curriculum & Instruction. His first Masters was from Concordia University in Portland Or., and was in Educational Leadership.

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So with immense pride, Kathy & I thought a rousing party was in order. Armed with catered Portillo's Beef, salads and appetizers galore were available throughout the day in our back garden on Stratford. Announcements & invitations shown to the right had been sent out to family & friends.

Mom flew in from Florida, Kathy's brothers and my sisters with various family members in tow arrived. All the boys were there, with wives/girlfriends and that all important Thor. Babe neice Jameson with husband Lane and cutie daughter Scarlett arrived after naptime. Jordan's family came by, along with e-mon & Gail, Nate & Mary, The Lee's and even Sean! And then Trainer Pessin showed! What a crew!

We even staged a mock graduation ceremony for Ben so he could feel the excitement of walking down the aisle to Pomp 'n Circumstance just one more time.

Decked out in a $6.00 Cap & Gown Kathy had procured from the GoodWill store, Ben paused with his Stogie from Uncle Bob long enough to scoop Thor in his arms for a walk up the aisle. Video all the way on the bottom show the crowd saluting Ben with the Mortarboard Toss at the conclusion of the ceremony.

We spent some time talking with Jordan's family and they are just lovely people. Got caught up with Nate & Mary with their wedding plans, with the Party extending well past it's planned closing - as we were all having too much damn fun.

We got a picture, shown right of 4 generations of Mom, to me, to Bryan and to Thor. Pretty cool. Make sure you go through the pictures as we got poses from just about everyone.

Thanks to Kathy for doing such a great job pulling all this together.

This girl can do it all and has done so since 1983.

I think I'll keep her.

Ben, congratulations on your fine achievement. Your Mom & I are so proud of you and the example you set to all who know you.

A great son!

Flying Mortarboards As Ben Graduates

Thor Shares With Scarlett

One Last Photo..... Who's staring Over The Fence?