What a busy week we all had in the runup to another

Blessed Christmas!

Whew! On the heels of the Earth Shattering news of Ben & Jordan's engagement just 9 days ago, and then being able to finally trumpet to the world that Sabrina & Bryan were again pregnant, what with Mom headed into town, plus all the other demands Kathy places on me each and every day, all I can say is WHAT A CHRISTMAS WEEK!

Make no mistake, Christmas is ONLY about the Birth of our Savior, but so many things came together at the same time this Christmas season to make it extra busy.

As she does every year, Mom flew into Chicago to be with us all.The next day Bryan, Sabrina & Thor met her for dinner to give her the Great news of Sabrina's pregnancy. Squeals of joy filled the air as Mom, Sister Jean, Kathy and even Steve all cried with delight.

On Christmas Eve day, Bryan & Sabrina brought Thor around to open his gifts from us (Really just Kathy). They were headed south to Sabrina's parents on Christmas Day, so we had to celebrate the gift fest earlier than usual. Of Course Thor was innundated with the Gift Shower, but seemed to best like his PlayDoh set most of all.

Christmas Eve night was spent per tradition at Kathy's brother Jay & Val's house. We mused that this might be the last time there as they are contemplating downsizing next year and will probably be selling the house. Val laid on her usual great spread and we caught up with all the goings on in the Batz-Weeden world. Even had time to civilly discuss our new President Elect. Sadly, by the time I got there babe Niece's Jameson & Kelsey had already departed for other Parties, so the usual pictures don't have the same Beuty Queen quality they typically have.

Christmas Day, the Johnson family got together at sister Jean's this time where Jeannie put on a Brunch to be remembered. 'Twas Excellent. Her son John surprised everyone by getting last minute leave and flew Cross-Continent to be with us. Godson Scoot got leave as well and was there. It was great to see all the Cousins together.

They even organized a White Elephant Gift Exchange, picture of which is shown on top of this page with all the cousins showing off their White Elephants.

Steven toasted Ben & Jordan in video to the left and video on the bottom is Tina and friends fishing in her Trout Pond. We had such a great family day. I was struck by how all the kids have grown up - now largely adults in their own right and how good they are. Loving, Godly kids these guys are - each and every one of them. We are so proud of them.

A word about my Mom. This girl is now in her 81st year and she looks absolutely fabulous. She got an I-Phone for Christmas, courtesy of her Grandchildren and she cried with joy - not really about the gift but of the blessings she has had with her Grandkids. She loves them and She is loved by them - dearly.

Of course I took loads of pictures - all of them can be seen by the links above.

Thanks to all for a Great Christmas

Praise God on the Birth of His Son!


Video of Tina fishing with the help of her friends