Rejoicing at the Resurrection of our Lord, The family came together to celebrate another

Holy Easter!

Oh a busy Sunday it was, as we arose for 7:00AM Sunrise Worship at Trinity. Kathy, Ben, Brett, Mary, Brad & I were there, while at the 10AM service Thor along with Bryan & Sabrina stole the show at the second Service.

Apparently, Thor rolled his Treat Box over to the Pastor during the Sermon. Perhaps Thor thought the Pastor would enjoy a tasty yoghurt refreshment as he preached. However our Pastor Schwick declined the goody, tho he did retrieve the errant box and return it to Thor mid-Sermon.

Between the 2 services we ate the traditional Easter breakfast at Church, finding it especially delectable. Kathy stuffed the Raffle Box with a multitude of tickets and made off with many of the prizes that she donated to others.

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Picture top left is all the cousins at Nancy's. To the right is Thor hanging out on the swing with buddy Tyler. Bottom left is Jeff posing with his Lambcake.

After breakfast, Brad & I went over to Pop & Uncle Russ' grave and divied up some flowers amongst the Twins & Mr Hagemeyer's grave. Curiously, someone had already left 6 beautiful roses at Uncle Russ grave - though nothing for Pop. A mystery.....

Then late morning it was off to sister Nancy's house for a quick Luncheon, Egg Hunt & celebration of nephew Jeff Gregorio's 19th birthday. Nancy laid on a great feed with Ham, Chief's Corn Casserole, Kathy's Potatoes, WheatBerry Salad, Chicken Pot Pies and a number of other goodies. Spectacular.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jeff and carved up the Lambcake in short order. A great time.

Then to close out the day, Kathy had a barbecue for our family at our house in the late afternoon. Thor headlined all events, and the only one missing was Tina - on vacation with her family in Colorado.

Assorted videos below of the Egg Hunt and Jeff's birthday singalong. We rejoice in the Words...

Christ Is Risen!

He is Risen, Indeed!




Thor's 1st Egg Hunt

Happy Birthday To Jeff