Surrounded by jubilant friends - both old and new - Kathy & I joyously celebrated the

Engagement of Nate & Mary!

On a cool and crisp July evening, it was off to a party to celebrate the engagment of our gorgeous neice Mary to her hunky beau Nate - where their courtship of 18 months culminated in Nate popping the question a week or so ago as they vacationed in Phoenix. The party was held at Nate's family home in Buffalo Grove.

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Mary, an elementary teacher at a Catholic school, is the daughter of long time friends Bob & Gail Moran, whom we have known from when we were 1st married. We look at all their 7 kids as our own and proud to say they feel the same to our boys. I had secretly harbored a long term hope that one of the Johnson boys would bag one of the Moran girls - but that dream will have to wait for the Grandchildren.

There must have been over 75 people that came in and out of the party. We corralled most of them for a group photo shown all the way at the bottom. Upper left is of course the Happy Couple, while just to the right is Mary and members of her Babe Crew admiring the beautiful bauble Nate produced to secure Mary's hand.

There were so many beautiful young ladies at the party that I know Kathy was more than relieved that I returned home with her and hadn't been spirited away by one of the young maidens. Whew - alot of Babes!

A word about Nate. He is a tremendous young man. Though we have only known him thru their courtship, it is obvious that he loves Mary and that they are so well suited. He comes from a great, tightknit family, and Mary couldn't have found a better fella anywhere.

....The two of them together is God's will at work....

They have set a June 2017 wedding date. Mary's 5 sisters and a cadre of girlfriends are angling hard for the few Bridesmaids slots that will open. You can tell that the competition is gonna get ugly - quick. But alas, Mary will figure it out as she starts a year of planning her wedding - with a great fiance, a loving family, and close friends.

They have Truly been Blessed by the Lord!