With torrid excitement, it was off to the farm to visit our great friends Dave & Pat Block for the

2017 Team Block Philo Foal Review!

Team Block, arguably the Nation's most powerful Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing Operation, is comprised of the entire family of David & Pat Block, supported by their children Ryan, Chris & Dena. Chris is the trainer for our own Red Rabbit Racing & Princess Kathy Racing Stables.

Well, every year we go down to their farm in Philo, Il - outside Champaign, and review the annual Foal Crop. This years crop at the Philo Farm sports 5 foals all born on consecutive days - the pictures here show the foals at less than 2 weeks old!

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Just a note that the Block family is absolutely tremendous. Over the years, we have become great friends with them as they have opened this entire world of Horse Racing to my family. They have allowed us to partner with a number of their Home Breds and are the kind of friends you are just proud to have.

Accompanying me on the day long adventure was Trainer Block, his son David, along with new ITHA Executive Director Dave McCaffrey.

Picture upper left is me with the latest foal by the great Team Block Homebred Fort Prado. File this unnamed little warrior away in your memory, because you will hear alot about him later - when he hits the track.Picture lower right is this little charge already making friends with Pat Block, with Chris licking his chops at training this guy in the future.

Horse Racing faces many challenges today, but the future always looks bright

when you look at the new Foals!