Seizing an opportunity to hear a band that defined West Coast Rock n' Roll in the 1960's, we went to see

The Legendary Jefferson Starship!

In late January, Kathy,Ben, Jordan & myself, accompanied by workmates Dave & Lynne T and Shelly & her beau Bob, procured 8 seats to watch them in concert at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles Il. The concert was but 2 days after the death of Jefferson Airplane/Starship founding member Paul Kantner - But The Show Went On!

Before the concert, we met and ate dinner at El Puente across the street from the Arcada. Bob who is a rock drummer in his own right, easily passed the Rock Drummer History Test and was an old friend just 10 minutes into the evening. Ben & Jordan, were nice enough to come even though the Starships last Hit was well before either one of them were born.

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Opening before them were a couple bands, all blasting out the 60's Rock anthems I had grown up with. Finally the Starship went on and went through all their Hits - except, if you can believe this - did not play Runaway!

Kathy, in charge of concert refreshments, broke out the AngelDust, Windowpanes, Acid, Mushrooms, Red Devils & all the PCP you could handle - which made this concert fly by for all of us.

New best buddy Bob, who has actually performed at the Arcada with his Band, was able to snag Kathy & I a pair of tickets to Meet 'n Greet the Starship after the concert. So after the concert, Kathy & I go down to the main floor and await the appearance of the band where you were ushered through a quick photo-op with the band and then shoved down the aisle out of there.

Well, I had a plan for something other than just the snapshot. I gave my camera to the Security Guard with the video already running. When Kathy & I got to the band I asked them if we could sing the great stanza from one of their early hits "White Rabbit" - a song that describes one helluva LSD Trip. The lyric is "Go Ask Alice - When She's Ten Feet Tall" immortalized by the great Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick. The band said great and you can see the video below - even though the light was horrible. But it was AWESOME!

All the way on the bottom of the page is a compilation of 3 of the standards they played, "Let's Get Together", "White Rabbit" (apologize for my voice in the background - remember the Dust had been flying for 2 hours by then) and then an extended cut from "Count On Me".

Left is a picture of Paul Kantner's guitar that was on display as a Rememberance to him and all the music he left us with.

What A Legacy.

Had a great Time - thanks Ben, Jordan, Dave, Lynne, Shelly and Bob.

Lets do it again.