Resuming that Grand Tradition following a year's hiatus, it was off to the rolling hills of Riverwoods Farm for the

Annual Family Reunion

hosted by Aunty Peg and Uncle Bob!

For what has been well over 25 years, the family has caravaned down to El Paso Illinois and reconnected with each other. Some new attendees this year included future family Patriarch Thor and other assorted boyfriends/girlfriends of the family - all hugging, kissing and chatting incessantly over the day.

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We welcomed John's new gal pal Brittney, Jaclyn's John, now known as Red Rabbit Racing's Man In Louisville, along with Jeff's girlfriend Casey and Scotters gal Nina & her amazing dog Bentley.

Jeanie realized a lifelong dream by climbing atop the World's Greatest Racehorse, the one - the only, General Charley for a romp aound Peggy's outdoor arena. Little Thor was game to climb on the Champion too, but alas, Charley was unsure of that little piece of toast on his back - so we deferred to a later year when Thor would command the great beast Charley. He looked pretty cute in his riders helmet though.

Johns & Scott were in town having secured leaves from the Air Force and of course it was great to see them and their girls. Sadly, the Indiana contingent did not make it this year, hopefully will see them next. Jeff Rabbit, poised to land some big fish from the back pond, was crushed when he realized that a treatment to rid the algae from the pond had apparently did in all the fish as well.....

As you can see the group photo is dominated by the Great General Charley - tis hard to take your eyes off that magnificent steed. He is being held by Jodi & Alan's daughter Lilly - who has blossomed into a lovely young woman. I hadn't seen Charley for well over a year, so we bonded privately in his pasture when I produced 5 pounds of Carrots that he demolished.

After dinner Steve stood up to say a few words of Thanks to Peg & Bob for all that they do in hosting this event. For the 1st time Steve didn't make a fool of himself while public speaking.

Then Bob Lenz stood up and asked us to observe a moment of silence for those family members who have departed us that we all miss very much. Very nice.

Check out the video below of Jean taking the Champion through his paces in the arena. Accompanying them is Lilly atop IOSilver. Following the action in the Arena, Kathy & Debby serenade us with a few bars of "God Bless America". Interesting

Thanks to Peggy & Bob for again hosting this annual event

God has blessed us and our family!

Video of Jeanie riding Charley AND Kathy & Debbie Singing (Do Not Miss!)