On a gorgeous May 8th, we headed over to Bryan & Sabrina's home to celebrate

Mother's Day!

A sumptuos barbecue headlined by Thor was on the menu as the Johnson family joined Sabrina's family to gather in their back yard and enjoy the best day of the year to date.

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Sabrina's parents Tony & Sue, along with brother Anthony, were all looking smart in their matching Batman shirts - all for Thor as the little Caped Crusader loves all things Batman.

Kathy & I along with Ben & Jordan, Brett & Mary and Brad were in attendance too, with Bryan manning the Grill and Sabrina laying out a feast of a quality beyond her years.

We also celebrated Sabrina's birthday, marking an end to what had to be her happiest year - as she began the start of the next which will bring even more joy - all on account of that little boy Thor.

Bryan looked like Ralph Kramden's "Chef of the Future" himself as he produced Burgers, Italian Sausages, Hotdogs, Onion Rings all hot off the grill. Tasty, they were I can tell you. Little Thor worked his own play Barbecue, matching his Daddy Red Hot for Red Hot. He couldn't have been much cuter.

We made sure we called my own Mom in Sarasota, who was as busy as ever, as she had a houseful of guests, fresh off her World Famous Kentucky Derby Party that she had hosted just the day before. Love you Mom!

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Finally, later in the afternoon we sang Happy Birthday to Sabrina as we brought a close to just an idyllic day. When we got home, Kathy & I spoke about how happy Bryan, Sabrina & Thor are. Just warms your heart to look at this young family with such a great future in fron of them.

God has Blessed us all so richly!

Scenes through this beautiful day