On Sunday January 31st, The Party Of The Year, was held celebrating

Thor's 1st Birthday!

Holy Cow, a whole year has gone by since the arrival of Bryan & Sabrina's wonderchild Thor. He is quite a serious little boy as shown in their family snap. The soiree was held at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in Buffalo Grove and it was attended by over 70 family & friends!

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Sabrina's Pripisuch side of the family turned out in full force along with Bryan's Johnson contingent. Bry's BGHS buds with their babes all turned up as well. The pizza was great, the gift table was packed and The Man of the the Hour Thor, must have had several thousand kisses planted on his serious, square head.

During dinner, Thor was in full command seated at the head of Table #1, where he chowed down on several not so small chunks of Lou's finest Deep Dish. Grandparents Tony & Sue, Kathy & myself kept looking at this Cherub, which is the joy of our lives.

Thor even had his own personal birthday cake, which he first tasted and then trampled through. The Pripisuch's sang a little Birthday ditty which goes back in their family to Grandpa Tony's time, continuing the tradition with yet another generation.

Thor made sure to crawl up to all in attendance, and either flash 'em a smile or go thru his multitude of tricks, like sticking his tongue out, clapping excitedly, or raising his hands above his head in panic while shouting "YAAAAAAAAAY".

Kathy's brothers Jay, Gary & families were there and all of my sisters with their families were there to mark the Historic birthday. Sabrina's brother Anthony, came in from Michigan and all Sabrina's other Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends made sure they didn't miss this social blockbuster. Everyone took their picture with the guest of honor, followed by a peck, squeeze, rumple or bite!

A short word about the Gift Table. Had it not been constructed to hold 50 Lou's Deep Dish Pizza's, it would have collapsed under the weight of the mountain of gifts. Outfits (I'll bet there were over 100), toys, college donations - you name it, were all showered upon this beautiful little boy. You'd think he was Loved - or something!

Videos on the bottom of the page include 2 minutes of watching Thor do nothing except eat dinner. (Remember as Grandparents we will watch the mundane forever). The 2nd video is of Singing Happy Birthday, and the 3rd video shows a few seconds of the mammoth gift opening sequence.

All that are with Thor feel blessed to be with him. He is a joy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Our Grandson. God bless you!

Thor Doing Nothing Except Eating Dinner


Singing Happy Birthday To Thor


Behold, The Overflowing gift table