1st order of business on this 6th day of February, 2016 was to take our Grandson Thor out to his

1st Birthday Breakfast!

Family cherub Thor officially turned 1 year old this day and Kathy Brett & I joined Bryan, Sabrina and that Birthday Boy at Continental Restaurant in BG for a delicious breakfast.

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Thor opted for the Mickey Mouse pancakes with sausage links & scrambled eggs and did a mighty fine job putting them away in true Johnson tradition. His chair was adorned with 2 birthday balloons and he even had a present from his Aunty Joyce - an Old MacDonald's Farm storybook complete with a Bovine finger puppet. Other diners were smiling at our boy wishing they were noshing with him - but we shared him with no one.

Following breakfast, Bryan was mulling taking Thor to Home Depot where he could look at the multitude of Ceiling Fans which catch Thor's fancy. This afternoon, Sabrina & Bryan are taking Thor to the Choo-Choo restaurant in Des Plaines where your food is delivered via a toy train that snakes around the restaurant and delivers your order direct to your stool at the counter.

Later tonight it is off Sabrina's parents for delicious Chinese Takeout and a thorough love rumpling of Thor by Sue & Tony. My what a busy Birthday!

All our love to Thor On This your 1st Birthday!

God Bless you

Video of Thor arriving for his 1st birthday breakfast