Ever thankful for another year of Blessings, it was that time to celebrate a

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we were invited to youngest sister Nancy's abode where she laid on a spread that was absolutely delicious. Our Kathy, brown as a berry from spending the last 3 weeks in Florida, was there tho saddled with a racking cough that she picked up down South.

Ah, it was a nice group this year with Nancy & Randy's kids Jaclyn, Ryan & Tyler all present, along with Randy's Mom, Shatzie. Sister Laurie made it with Allison & Jeff in tow, while our Ben, Brett & Brad, along with girlfriends Jordan & Mary rounded out the group.

Dinner was on the table by 3:30pm and all was great. Kids came and went throughout the afternoon - and later we were glad to see Thor, Sabrina & Bryan later when they stopped by our house after spending Thanksgiving with her parents.

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Thanks be to God for all his Many Blessings!!!