This July 4th, we celebrated not just Independence Day, but also my Godson

Tyler's 15th Birthday!

Sister Nancy laid on a festive spread to celebrate the birthday of her & Randy's youngest at their home in Palatine. Randy's parents along with brother John & wife Deb were the first to arrive.

Sisters Laurie, Jean and Kathy were in attendance with most of their broods in tow. Jaclyn & Ryan were present to celebrate their Little brothers birthday. Even Jaclyn's Boyfriend John - Red Rabbit Racing's Very Important Man In Louisville - drove up from the Commwealth to join the festivities of his future Brother-In-Law. (Shown left with beauty babe Jaclyn)

The cousins amused themselves playing Baggo and some Frisbee game favored by Ben & Jordan. They recounted their adventures over the holiday weekend and just had fun as a family.

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Picture upper right is the birthday boy sitting on the lap (probably for the last time) of his Godmother Debby. Lower left is Brad's cutie girlfriend Christina showing excellent form tossing Bags. Towards the bottom is a picture of the Sisters & Jaclyn all round the dining room table, all probably gossiping and complaining about their husbands. All the way on the bottom is the Perryman 2016 Christmas Card Photo. When you get yours in a few months, pretend you're surprised.

Of course we sang Happy Birthday and carved up the remnants of a Chocolate Cake that apparently had been served yesterday along with an untouched Ice Cream Cake which was delicious.

Ty opened his many gifts and then Nancy made it clear it was time for us to leave.

God bless you godson on this your 15th Birthday!