The day after Ben & Jordan's Fantastic Wedding & Reception, Jordan's parents, Jon & Susan hosted

A Family Brunch!

Set at Susan & Jon's home in Buffalo Grove, our new family invited Kathy & I to a Brunch to celebrate the Nuptials before Ben & Jordan departed on a brief Honeymoon.  (They took a much longer one to Europe that following summer)

Many of Jordan's relations from Grandparents to Aunts & Uncles and many cousins - many of which had traveled from out of town - all got together.  They were all so nice and welcoming to Kathy & I that we quickly felt at home with all of them.

I got talking to one of Jordan's uncles who is a Physician that had traveled from Minnesota for the big day.  In fact, many of Jordan's families are in the medical field.  Jordan's Mom is Chief of ALL Nursing at a large local hospital. Jordan's paternal Grandfather, now gone to heaven, was a Japanese citizen who studied in Chicago - where he met and married Jordan's Grandmother!     

This is A Family Of Healers!

We couldn't be happier with not only Jordan as Ben's wife - but also the family that comes with her.

There was tons of food & drink and so much love as the future looks so bright for these 2.  Thanks for inviting us to the Brunch!      

Praise God for Blessing Ben With the Jones'

God Bless Jordan & Ben!