On the eve of Ben & Jordan's BIG DAY, we all met at Makray County Club in Barrington for the all important

Wedding Rehearsal!

A beautiful Oct 12th evening had Ben & Jordan, their entire wedding party, their parents and other friends all gathered to rehearse for the wedding on the morrow.

It was a beautiful evening that threatened - but did not rain. The wedding planner gathered us all together and ushered us out onto the lawn to begin the rehearsal.

We went through the procession, vows and recessional, making sure everyone knew what to do and where to go. Thor, the cutest signbearer ever, trooped up the aisle like a veteran, sporting a shiner on his right eye he got from bumping into the wall the day before. All were ready!

Following the Rehearsal it was off to Beppe Di Buco in Wheeling for the excellent Family Style Italian faire that we all gobbled up. Since that night was also a critical Cubs Playoff Game, Ben had a large Radio blaring the game's every pitch so he and the other Cubs fans could stay abreast of the action.

Ben & Jordan presented beautiful presents to both sets of parents, & all the Wedding Party. Jordan gave her father a lovely handkerchief embroidered with a beautiful verse from a daughter to her dad. As for me, I got a huge framed picture of me and the greatest throughbred that ever ripped across a racetrack - the great General Charley. The picture was made up of over 500 hundred individual pictures of the great champion. I was thrilled. I dont remember what the bridesmaids got, because frankly I was too excited looking at my picture.

The groomsmen got a personalized holed out baseball bat with which to drink their milk and soft drinks.....

It was a great time - but everyone was filled with the excitement and anticipation of the events scheduled the next day.

Ben & Jordan's Last Day as Singles!