Friday the 13th of this October 2017 sure wasn't unlucky as it was...

Ben & Jordan's Wedding Day!

On a cool crisp fall afternoon, second son Ben and his lovely Bride Jordan got married on the lawn of Makray Country Club in Barrington, IL.

You know, you're supposed to say the Bride was beautiful - even though we've all been to weddings where that's more than a bit of a stretch. But in this wedding, Jordan was absolutely - BREATHTAKING.

Ben beamed with love, pride and emotion as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her loving father, Jon. I was proud to officiate the wedding and am also proud to say I got through it with only but a few tears and not a single blubbering breakdown.

Another great highlight, was little grandson Thor clad in his blue tuxedo, walking just ahead of the Bride, bearing a sign "Uncle Ben - Here Comes Your Bride". Thor, not yet 3, walked the length of the aisle alone and couldn't have done it more professionally. He even sported a little shiner of a black eye - having walked into a wall just the day before. He was magnificent.

Seven Bridesmaids/Groomsmen on each side witnessed the nuptials. Jordan's Cousin Briana did a beautiful reading as well as Ben's cousin John, having secured a weekend pass home from the Air Force. Bryan Brett & Brad were proud groomsmen while Jordan had her lovely sister Olivia and brother Zach in the wedding party as well. Ben & Jordan also were honored by several of their close friends as attendants in the Wedding Party too.

Kathy & I are so happy that our Ben found such a great woman to spend the rest of his life with. Like oldest son Bryan and his lovely Sabrina, Ben & Jordan seem so well suited for each other. Jordan comes from a great, tight knit, loving family. What a match these 2 make.

Ben & Jordan....

We Love you so much....

God's blessings to you both!