On a sweltering September 23, the family trooped out to Northern Illinois University to see,

Brad Get His White Coat!

Well down the road to earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, our Brad participated in his classes White Coat Ceremony, a symbolic milestone that marks that he & his classmates are now ready to actually care and treat patients at their assigned clinics and hospitals. Brad is well into his second of 3 years of Graduate School which concludes in the spring of 2019.

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Kathy, Brett, Thor, Brad's longtime girlfriend Christina & myself proudly watched the ceremony - all with tears in our eyes. Brad has been assigned a 10 week posting, starting in late October, to a clinic close to our home in Buffalo Grove, IL. Brad is quite excited....

If you're a hurtin', our boy's a healing! Form an orderly queue, please.

Cutest thing of the day. We got Thor his own little White Coat that he could wear with his Uncle Brad and of course everyone thought that was about the cutest thing they ever saw. Brad lent Thor his treasured Reflex Hammer And Body Mass Tape Measure which Thor wielded proudly decked out in his little White Coat. Who knows - it could be Doctor Brad in 2019 and Doctor Thor in 2039!

Picture top left is Brad's Professor slipping on his White Coat. Upper right is a proud Christina with her Brad. Right is our family and all the way down is Brad's entire class.

After the ceremony we went over to world famous Fatty's Restaurant in DeKalb directly across from the Taco Bell where I invented the Taco Supreme in 1976. (Still waiting for my first Royalty Dime!) At Fatty's they held a fund raiser for the DPT Class and Kathy was happy to generously support the various Auctions and Raffles.

God Bless You Bradley. We are So Proud of You and love you Dearly.

Almost A Doctor!