On Fathers Day, I was grateful that Pastor Schwick allowed me to offer the Sermon at our Trinity Lutheran Church, entitled

Five Guys

I had the idea of this sermon for a while. It had to do with talking about the people that God put in my life to provide me both a Christian example of how to live my life, as well as guide me in Christ's path throughout my life. Each of my Five Guys provided me valuable lessons of Faith, Love, Fun & Goodness.

I was honored that along with Kathy, my sons came to church, as well as all my sisters. In fact the picture upper left is now a favourite of mine showing me with my 3 sisters that we took after worship in Trinity's sanctuary.

Listed below is a panel of my Five Guys that helped shape my Christian Life.

From left to right, they are my Godfather Russ Johnson, my Dad Richard Johnson, & my friends Ray Godfrey, Bob Moran & Capt. Ken Crook.

The video of the Sermon is at the bottom of the page. As you watch it, I would urge you to contemplate who God has put in your life to keep you on a path of Faith.

Praise God for them, Pray for them. And Finally, ask yourself....

"Who Am I A Christian Example To?"