On the 1st Sunday in August the Johnson sisters, Laurie, Jean & Nancy hosted

Jordan's Wedding Shower!

Jordan, of course is the lovely fiance of our Ben and my sisters wanted to welcome her to the family with a beautiful Wedding Shower. They rented the Old Onion Pub In Barrington and hosted 25 of Jordan's Friends & Family at a beautiful luncheon.

Knowing Jordan & Ben's love of games, they played a number of them including:

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all for lovely prizes. Jameson won the Hershey Kiss Contest, guessing 600 while hitting it right on the Nose for the Win! Jordan's Mom Susan, cleaned up on the "What's In Your Purse" game, while RRR Babe partner Aly claim jumped a slightly slower Aunty Joyce to holler out "Bingo" for her win (which she shared with Aunty).

The girls laid on a lovely chicken luncheon complete with cake and refreshing beverages. I was asked to take the pictures, shutup, and stay out of the way, which I believe I did admirably.

Benjamin joined the shower to help Jordan with opening all Her gifts.

They both looked so happy.

Picture upper left is an arriving Jordan reaching out to hug sister Jean. Upper right is of my sisters Laurie, Jean & Nancy who threw this beautiful party. Picture lower left Is Jordan posing with her gorgeous sister Olivia. And great picture towards the bottom is Sabrina, Jordan and Tina, all flashing their left hands - but Tina is not so happy. Come on Brad get moving!

Finally at page bottom is Video of Jean welcoming all to the Shower and toasting Jordan.

Blessings to you both

Ben & Jordan!

Only 67 Days Until Wedding Day!


Jean Welcomes All And Toasts Jordan!