Rejoicing in her latest achievement, we were off to Randy & Nancy's home to celebrate

Jaclyn's Graduation!

Jaclyn is our brilliant, lovely, babe niece who just this past month graduated WITH HONORS from Lexington's University of Kentucky. Her parents threw a shindig for both sides of the family that was the most sought after Graduation Party ticket east of the Mississippi.

Many of the cousins were there, from Brett in our clan, Jeff & Allison, Ryan, Tyler and Tri Delta sister Kylie, along with Ryan's new squeeze, Grace.

From Randy's side were his brother John & Debby's full crew, including knockout Baker daughter Lauren with her beau Chris. He looks like he MIGHT be a fine young chap - so his Probation Period might be shorter than most. Randy's sister Linda with son Seth were there, along with Randy's parents Bill & Shatzie.

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The sisters, Chief, Jean, Nancy & Kathy held court most of the day, while Nancy laid on a feast that was scrumptious. All sorts of Salads, Veggie's, Fruits, & Appetizers showcased the main event, Steak & Chicken Kabobs - that were unmercifully burnt by Chef Randy under the inept guidance of Pheasant Smoker Steve. Yummy!

Picture upper right is Beauty Babe Jaclyn in her finest UK Blue, with BFF Kylie and Uncle Rick showing off our Tri Delta love using our secret finger shake. Tri Delta Sisters Forever, Baby!

Picture left is Jaclyn with her Oh So Proud Parents Randy & Nancy. Picture right is exploding Country Rock musical artist Eric of Perry Hutchins fame, feeding his cute son Dylan. Check 'em out - these guys are Good!

Jaclyn excelled at University and bagged not one, but 2 Majors in Business Disciplines ( damn if I can remember which ones tho). She starts a great new job this coming July in a firm whose name also escapes me - but I'm betting she's their CEO well before Trump gets booted out of office.

Pictures all the way on the bottom are the entire Perryman clan, followed by one showing many of the Cousins just being family.

Jaclyn, your Aunty kathy & I are so proud of you and love you dearly!

Congratulations on your achievement. We await your continued triumphs!