On Mothers Day Sunday, we gathered at sister Jean's house to hear the exciting news that

John & Brittney Are Engaged!

Whoa Nellie, that is BIG news. Setting the table, John is Jean & Steven's son, currently serving in the United States Air Force. John, on the day before, had graduated with his Masters in Aeronautical Something from the University of Illinois. The party was planned to honor that spectacular achievement, until overshadowed by this big news.

Lovely Brittney, a Speech Language Pathologist & a native Iowan, had succumbed to Johnny's charms after but a year's courtship, and consented to marry our boy. Luckily John was blessed with all his charms from his maternal side - as none of those charms exist on his paternal side.

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The whole family was there, including Mother Thrun, who was flown to Chicago for a few days to celebrate her Birthday and Mother's Day with all her kids. What a setting. John's brother Scott was in town as well, also on leave from the Air Force, and along will all the cousins - tis made for a Happy Day!

It was also Sabrina's birthay,so Jean made sure that we had a cake and celebrated her big day as well. Thanks Jeannie.

Gorgeous Niece Jaclyn was present accepting congratulations on her recent Graduation from University of Kentucky. She has secured a fabulous job she starts shortly. Also, congratulations to our own son Ben on graduating with his 2nd Masters in Education from Olivet Nazarene University. So proud of you ALL!

We also welcomed NHL Off-Ice Official Dan, friend of Johnny's, though he did not do well on my impromtu NHL penalty discussion I quizzed him on. (He is shown next to Scott in the family photo below) That's probably why he works for the NHL and I do not.

The wedding date will be set in the near future, and these 2 look absolutley joyous together. Picture upper left is the Happy Couple making their big announcement and picture middle left is Chief with her great kids.

On the bottom is the Family Snap that we took of all the attendees. I have to draw your attention to little Thor in the picture displaying his Rascal Face. Whenever he looks like that, SOMETHING is about to HAPPEN!

I'm told when Mom heard the Big News she shrieked loudly enough that the neighbors down the block were startled. This made for an extra special Mother's Day for Mom which we were so happy to see.

So... Congratulations John & Brittney

Happy Mothers Day To All

Congratulations To The Graduates John, Ben And Jaclyn!

And Happy Birthday to Mom & Sabrina!