On Sunday, January 15th, I was proud to offer the Sermon at our Trinity Lutheran Church on the Pastoral Legacy of

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I had always been in awe of Dr.Kings's Courage, Leadership, Oration Skills and Achievements. But on this Sunday, the day before the National Holiday honoring his legacy, I asked our Pastor if he would allow me to present a Sermon focused on an overlooked legacy of Dr. King.

This legacy dealt with what he taught us as a Pastor, a Servant of God, a Minister that I felt gets lost when one talks about Dr. King. The Pastoral Ministry of Dr. King taught us How to live as a Christian, and How to live with Fear & Uncertainty.

Our Pastor at Trinity, Pastor Dan Schwick was kind enough to let me do this and I am very grateful. Listed below is the video of the Sermon, and a link to my written text of the same.

Click here to download the Sermon Text

Click here to view the sermon on youTube

Praise God for the Life & Legacy of

Pastor Martin Luther King, Jr.