On a warm June 9, we were honored to attend the joyous wedding of

Nate & Mary!

Mary, is the daughter of longtime friends Bob & Gail Moran and we have loved her as our own niece since she was but a few years old. She wed a wonderful young man from a great family at St. Mary's Church in Buffalo Grove. They threw a spectacular bash following at Coopers Hawk Restaurant in Arlington Heights immediately following the ceremony.

Mary is a primary school teacher, having once taught at St. Mary's. Nate is in the Construction business. As best as I can piece together, they may have met each other sometime in the past, but about 2 years ago, they saw each other somewhere, and since that meeting - they have been inseparable since. Sorry for the sketchy details.

click here for all the photos - Part 1

click here for all the photos - Part 2

Mary was absolutley lovely as you can see from the photo top, taken next to their head table at the reception. Picture right is of the reception, decorated beautifully as a Mediterranean wine cellar.

Prior to eating, Mary asked if I would say a prayer - which I was happy to do. Following, many people spoke starting with her father Bob, who had the crowd laughing as he talked about the C&W song titles that the Happy Couple liked - though he didn't get the titles quite right.

After E-mon talked, Maid of Honor Katie spoke supported by all her sisters, then Nate's Mom spoke, with Nate's brother Scott, the best man, winding down the speeches as he toasted the happiness he sees in his brother because of our Mary.

Picture left is of the Moran clan, with newest member Nate taken at the Church following the reception.

Mary's sister Theresa, pictured top row to right E-mon's right, is next up to the Bridal Derby as she and her fiancee Sean, take the plunge this coming September.

At the reception, a live band regaled all the attendess, with loads of Beatles, Elvis Presley and other great rock songs for more than a couple hours. The dance floor was packed as you can see from all the pictures.

Both of the Wedding Parties Moms's looked great, and Gail's parents were able to attend coming in from Florida.

From our family, Bryan & Sabrina were there, along with Ben & Brett. In fact Brettie took many of the pictures from the dance floor.

It was fun to see the kids catch up, like Bryan talking with Katie, Brett & Bridget dancing, Ben hugging Mary and TC, all like yesteryear, when we used to play in each others back yard, week in and week out. Pictures below is of some of those times back then....

Mary & Nate, we wish you all the Happiness in the world as you begin your life together.

God has richly blessed you both with each other.

We love you so much !

What A Party!