On the morning of September 9th, RRR Founding Partner Aunty Peggy invited me to see her grandaughter Sophie

skate to Victory!

Sophie is the daughter of cousin Jodi and her husband Alan, who live in El Paso, Illinois. Jodi's Mom, my Aunt Peggy also lives in the same berg at world famous Riverwoods Farm, home to the Champion Race Horse General Charley, enshrined at the Red Rabbit Hall Of Champions Horse Park.

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Well Sophie has been Figure Skating for a few years now - but this is the first competition I saw her skate in. Watching Sophie was Jodi, Aunt Peggy & myself. The event was held at a new rink in Mt Prospect.

In a word, She was "awesome!"

Sophie skated in a flight against 7 other competitors - a few who looked older to me. With nerves of steel, she skated a flawless program executing all of her jumps beautifully without a single bobble. Very, very impressive. Picture above shows her flying gracefully in the air.

any of you Think you could do that? I didn't think so.

Shown left is her reaction when she read the posting that she had won. Just to the right is picture of her on the Podium with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

All the way on the bottom is a short video segment of the tail end of her routine.

Sophie, You did absolutely great!

You looked fabulous and did yourself and our family proud!