On the evening of June 3rd, we were honored to help Joe Tomczak suprise his wife Sue at a surprise party marking their

40th Wedding Anniversary!

Well Joe decides to throw a lavish, spare-no-expense 40th anniversary party for the love of his life at Ruth Chris' Steak House in Barrington. Joe catered a private room, & adorned it with massive enlargements of the Happy Couple back from that great Wedding Day back in June 1977.

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Sue, daughter of my Aunty Joyce and beloved Godfather Russell Johnson, officially is my cousin. But again for you newcomers, Sue's dad Russ Johnson, and my father Richard Johnson are identical twins, exact genetic copies - which really makes Sue my sister. Call me if you're still confused.

All of Sue & Joe's kids were there with all of their children as well. Extended family & friends all were in the house enjoying a tremendous meal and evening together.

Their children, Joey, Rachel & Doug gave a beautiful speech honoring their parents and then Joe proposed a toast to his wife as he recounted the love & joy they have had through their life together.

Joe had also given Sue a Ruby necklace marking this milestone - that even I could tell was beautiful. Joe made every other husband in the room look pretty weak in comparison. I know Kathy glared at me as she inspected Sue's bauble.

Picture top left is Sue surprised as she enters the room, picture right is Sue and Joe aside the photo of their Wedding Day. Just below is Sue, Joe and their children, Doug, Rachel & Joey, pictured left to right in reverse age! Snap on the bottom is of their entire family, including all their Children & Grandchildren!

Note to Joe... Loved the picture of the Bridal Party with all 6, yes 6 pairs of attendants. Quite a crowd, yet a careful review of the photo reveals that I was not one of the Groomsmen! Wow! Given that I was Sue's only brother all I can say is..... An egregious oversight then - and now. Come On Man!

Thanks to Joe for throwing this shindig and inviting us all. 'Twas a memorable evening.

Thanks be to God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon Our Sue & Joe.


Our Love to you both!