On a beautiful September 2, we rejoiced with our longtime friends the Moran's, at the marriage of their Daughter

Theresa To Sean Horgan!

Theresa is the 3rd daughter of our longtime, great friends Gail & Bob Moran. She married her beau Sean at St. Mary's Church in Buffalo Grove. Theresa & Sean met and live in Phoenix, but the wedding was held in Chicagoland to accomodate all the family & friends who live nearby. Sean works in the Information Technology arena (no wonder I like the boy!) and Theresa pays half the state of Arizona from her Payroll Manager role.

Theresa looked radiant, & it was clear that the 2 of them are so very happy. Kathy, I, with Ben & Jordan, Brett & Brad were all in attendance and they threw one heckuva party! The reception was held at the Astoria Banquet Hall in Arlington Heights. It was a lot of fun. Plenty to eat, drink and the dance floor was jammed the whole night.

Loads of pictures to look through above, with a special surprise Snap of Theresa's Glamour Shot when she was but a wee girl. (Uncle Rick keeps EVERYTHING!)

All the way on the bottom are 2 videos. The 1st is of the Parent's Speeches and the second some Dance Floor Snippets. With the 6 Moran Girls on the floor - things got a bit wild!

At the wedding, the DJ spun a new twist on getting the Wedding Party to kiss. Rather than tinkling glasses, he circled the room with his microphone and anyone that sang a verse from any love song - would then require the Bridal Couple to start a'smoochin. Well the verses were pretty lame as they went round the room - till they hit our table. Then cousin Brian's wife, Caitlin, purred out a verse of "At Last" that would have put Etta James on Food Stamps - if she were still alive. No one chose to sing after that.

Picture below was the last picture Brettie & I took on the night and it pretty much summed up the whole party.


God Bless you Sean & Theresa.

We Love you both so much!

Wedding Speeches


On The dance floor