How did 2 whole years go by? Cuz it's time to celebrate

Thor's 2nd Birthday!

Holy Cow, our grandson Thor, the absolute Joy Of Our Life, is now 2 years old. Sabrina & Kathy threw him a huge party at our house on Super Bowl Sunday which was the day before Thor's actual birthday on Feb 6.

In attendance were Sabrina's parents Tony & Sue, along with our Boys & Babe friends in tow, all excited about little Thor's big day.

As expected, Kathy went absolutely overboard with gifts. Here's an example... It absolutely warms my heart that Thor loves Space Rockets, specifically the Space Shuttle. He might be the only 2 year old in the world that knows that at Blastoff the pad is drenched with Water to deaden Sound Shock waves AND that the Liquid fueld engines light before the Solid rockets do.

Click here for all the Party Pictures

So back to Kathy. When the smoke cleared, I counted 5 different Space Shuttles, including one he could actually sit on, in the present pile from Her Highness. Son Brettie and his girlfriend Mary also went nuts getting him Rubber Snowballs, Batman Gear, and many other doodads that kept the boy jumping for hours.

World famous Nino's catered the event, so we enjoyed a Birthday Feed of Italian Beefs, Sausage, Ziti, Chicken and all sorts of salads. Then we watched the Super Bowl which anyone that was watching saw a great game. What a Day!

Snap right is of Thor's family along with Sabrina's parents, Tony & Sue. Picture Right shows Thor flying one Space Shuttle, while clutching a second, equipped with his Headlight adorning his big Melon. Video all the way down is Dancing Thor, who kicks it every time he hears a catchy tune. He especially liked Lady Gaga during the Half time show as you can see.

Happy Birthday Thor From your Loving Family.

You light up our life!

Dancing Thor - Have Tune Will Dance!