On a Beautiful Memorial Day Sunday, we were honoured to attend the

Baptism Of Ainsley Nenn!

Little Ainsley was baptized at lovely Bethany Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake, where the Nenn's are members. It was a beautiful ceremony & Ainsley uttered nary a peep as the waters of the Holy Spirit washed over her, baptizing her into Christ's flock.

Ainsley is the daughter of our absolutely stunning niece Jameson and her husband Lane. Ainsley is their second daughter with big sister Scarlett now over 2 years old. As you see, they make a beautiful family. Jameson is the daughter of Kathy's brother Jay & his wife Val.

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Lane's parents and other family members were there along with Val's parents Walt & Shirley. Kathy's side of the family was well represented with her 2 brothers Jay & Gary along with their wives Val & Jan. Jameson's brother Jayson with his lovely girlfriend were there. Quite a happy group as they witnessed this milestone in young Ainsley's life.

Following the Baptism it was off to Lane & Jameson's Crystal Lake home for Brunch. Everyone took their turn holding beautiful angel Ainsley. As you can see Auntie Kathy grabbed the 1st shot at her. Holding her, Kathy admonished me again that we didn't have a daughter - like it was my fault.

At the end of the page is video of Ainsley's Baptism. Don't forget to look at all the pictures.

I can't tell you how great it is to see a young family that has Christ centered in their lives.

Glod bless you Lane, Jameson & Scarlett.

And God Bless Christ's newest disciple - Ainsley June Nenn!

Praise God!