Jordan & Emily pulled off the greatest suprise ever when they hosted

Ben & Sean's 30th Surprise Birthday Bash!

Jordan, lovey wife of our 2nd son Ben - along with Emily, babe girlfriend of Ben's lifelong friend Sean, threw the boys a raucous surprise 30th birthday party.

Ben & Sean, rabid Cubs fans, were rocked when they found out the girls had rented out a Wrigley Field rooftop so that they, and 25+ of their Friends & Family could watch a Cubs-Cincinatti ball game, as the season dwindled down with the Cubs locked in a pennant race.

Ben turns 30 on 25-Sep, while Sean turns the same in early October. These 2 have been friends since grade school and have lived & died with the Cubs since they were in short pants. Sean was Ben's Best Man at Ben & Jordan's wedding last October and the 2 of them are the definition of Best Friends.

Among the many in attendance were Sean's parents Peggy & Ross, Jordan's mum Susan (sadly Jon was unable to attend with new Puppy Watch duties). Me & the Princess were there and as many siblings and friends as you can imagine. Check out the picture below of the group against the right field wall at Wrigley...

Of special note was the attendance of Weston (code name Easton) who makes up the 3rd man in these 3 Stooges of Ben Sean & Easton. Newly married Easton, had flown in from Denver as there was no way he was missing this soiree.... They are pictured left....

So the way it went down was this.... All the guests were instructed to meet at Durty Nellies in downtown Palatine no later than 11:30. Jordan & Emily had lied their asses off to Ben & Sean saying that they were going to some Pub Crawl at Palatine's October Fest that started at Nellies. So Ben & Sean walked in totally clueless to Durty Nellies as all of the gathering shouted "Surprise".

Then the boys were informed that instead of the lame Pub Crawl, they were all about to board the monstrous Party Bus outside for direct, beer-infused transportation to Wrigley Field where they had tickets to one of the Right Field Rooftop venues to eat, drink and carouse away the afternoon - all while watching the Cubs play. Damn cool I will tell you!

And the Cubbies cooperated by eeking out a 1-0 win!

Thanks to Emily & Jordan for all the work they put in to host this bash

God bless Ben & Sean &

Happy 30th Birthday!