As a Glorious Christmas Morn dawned, it was off to begin a New Christmas Tradition having

Brunch at Ben & Jordan's!

Second son Ben, his gorgeous wife Jordan, and their new puppy Reese, laid on a tremendous Christmas Morn feast for the Jones & the Johnson family's at their home in Arlington Heights.

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Jordan's family is headed up by Susan & Jon Jones, 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet. It is no accient that our Jordan is so nice, kind, beautiful & smart - as she received this directly from her parents. (Sorry about what happened to you Ben).

Jordan's lovely sister Olivia and brother Zach were there, tho sadly Zach's wife Alyssa was working and unable to attend. As you can see from the picture top right, our Brett, Brad and Tina were there, but Bryan, Sabrina & Thor were not able to come as they were down south at Sabrina's parents.

There was enough food to feed an army, what with 2 Egg Dishes, A Waffle Dish, Grilled Sausage, Very Fancy Bacon, Delectable Potatoes, and a Pastry & Fruit table that was a meal of itself.

As I settled down on the couch, Reese launched herself at me covering more than 5 feet in a single bound to plant a big wet smacker on my face. My glasses went flying - but who cares? She's quite the friendly dog!

Red Plaid seemed to be the dress of the day, with even Reese getting into the deal in her formfitting doggy jammies. Picture right shows a lot of Red Plaid!

Anyone who knows Jordan, is quite aware that she loves her Games. So of course, she organized a Christmas Grab Bag that had everyone on the edge of their seat wondering what gift was coming their way. Well, more than a few gifts were Gag gifts, and I ended up with a doozy courtesy of Jordan's dad Jon.

I recieved the "Joke Box" featuring some nasty dental work, a mini fart machine, floating eyeball and other gifts that get worse from there.

However, as the morning progressed, I quite took to the dentures and modeled them for the rest of the day as you can see from picture upper right.

You know, as Kathy & I have gotten older we have been talking awhile now - that Old gives way to Young. And in that vein, it is clearly our kids time - no longer ours.

So we look forward to the new traditions that our kids are creating - and this one of Jordan & Ben's is tremendous.

We thank God for blessing Ben with Jordan

We thank God For Jordan's family & Year 1 of a New Tradition!

Merry Christmas to all