On December 23rd, with Mom just in from Florida, Black Sheep daughter Laurie threw the 1st

Family Christmas Party

of the year at her home in Palatine.

The afternoon started with Laurie's family, Jean & Steven, Rick, Kathy, Brad, Ben, Jordan and Nancy & Randy's whole family all going to the afternoon Christmas service at Willow Creek Church in South Barrington. The service was very uplifting and reminded us of the true Spirit of Christmas.

Then it was off to Chief's home where she had catered a lovely dinner including Brown's Chicken,all the trimmings and she even baked the Ham Sandwich rolls that date back to the early 70's when Mom used to make them for us. Delicious.

Mike was able to make the event and John Gallo had just arrived in town, though sadly without fiance Brittney, sick with the flu. Bryan, Sabrina & Thor also arrived, having missed the Church Service - to my disappointment.

Highlight of the evening was the arrival of Santa Claus bringing gifts to all, but especially to Thor. Inexplicably, Santa, while aloft in his Sleigh had clumsily dropped his Bag of Toys somewhere over Arlington Heights. So he strolled in with just a plastic Target Bag stuffed with a couple Toys he hadn't lost. Also Santa's belly had just burst through his red coat in a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions.

The cousins had staged a Holiday Grab Bag, with all of them displaying their gifts in snap upper right. Thor and his real Grandpa Mike are featured left. Lovely snap of Mom and eldest daughter Laurie watching the fun lower right.

T'was a beautiful evening of Family, where we are all reminded of just how blessed we are.

Thanks to Laurie for all the work she did on pulling off this party.

All Thanks To God for the blessing of the Christ Child!