On Christmas Eve Day, Bryan, Sabrina & Thor stopped by the house so that Thor could open his

"Tsunami Of Presents!"

that he received from none other - his Grandma Kathy.

Bryan & Sabrina were going to see her folks on Christmas Day so we wanted to get together to exchange gifts and Kathy obliged with the Tsunami of Presents headed Thor's way.

Kathy, discarding any opportunity to teach Thor some life lessons, like "Less Is More" or be happy with a "Single Gift" or better to "Give Than Receive" absolutely showered her Grandson Thor with enough Christmas gifts to cover a small city.

And as you can see, Thor played Grandma like a fiddle, Laying On The Hugs & Kisses

that will ensure him an even greater landslide next Christmas.

I believe Thor's favourite gift was the ensemble of Marvel action figures - all 10 of them that he can play with. Various Spider Man's and other SuperHeroes that Thor considers his plastic brothers.

However, my favourite had to be the 18 inch Cleaver that for some reason Grandma thought was a "Must Have" for Thor - shown right as Thor severs his Daddy's forearm with a single stroke.

Play Doh, LiteBrite, other Weapons of various destruction, clothes and many other gifts, already lost to memory because of the sheer volume of them, completed the barrage. Thor is Happy.

Well, Merry Christmas To Thor

Better Keep Working Grandpa

Can you imagine if we ever have a GrandDaughter?