It was Sister Jean's idea of

Remembering Dad

on what would have been his 90th Birthday!

My dad and Uncle Russ were born on November 7, in the year 1928. Jean thought it would be nice to remember Dad & Uncle Russ on this 90th anniversary of their births.

She proposed that Laurie, Nancy, & me mark the day with a special dinner that Dad would have loved, take a trip to the cemetary and tour of some of Dad's favourite spots on or about the Rolling Meadows area. Nancy's husband Randy was nice enough to attend, but Kathy & Steve were not there as they were in Arizona & Fla...

So we started the day meeting at the famous Dobo's, Dad's favourite short order restaurant on the corner of Campbell & Wilke. From there we went to the cemetary and then on to Dad & Mom's 1st house on Bluebird Lane in Rolling Meadows.

Unbelievably as we were approaching the house, a car pulls up the driveway of our old house and out pops the current owner, a lovely young woman named Jeanine, who I am sure was wondering - "Just what the Hell are they doing?".

After we explain that we used to live their almost 60 years ago, she very graciously invited us in to take a look. Truly the highlight of the trip.

From there we drove by Uncle Russ & Aunt Joyce's home on South Street and then drove past Trinity on our way to Waverly Park, where we looked at the house on Willow that we most remember.

After the tour it was off to Jean's where she laid on a Dad banquet that featured, Onion Soup, Chicken Pot Pie, Peas, 2-Swipe Corn On The Cob, Apple Sassy, and topped it off with Chocolate Pudding for dessert. Dad would have loved it.

We roared over 3 episodes of "The Honeymooners" that we watched while we just remembered and missed Dad the whole time.

Picture top left is a then & now picture of the home on Bluebird where we lived until 1964. Picture to the right is me & the girls at the Cemetary, while picture mid left is a picture of us 4 in the living room of the Bluebird house that we hadn't been in for 54 years!

Thanks to Sister Jean For all the work she did on this day

Thanks to new friend Jeanine for letting us in the Bluebird house

And Praise God for blessing us with a great dad!