Kathy & I got away for a great holiday and went

Back to London!

Kathy & I hadn't been alone back in this favourite city since the summer of 2012 - right before the London Olympics. But lo & behold, the Rolling Stones announced their summer tour with stops in London and that was all the motivation we needed to get on back there.

We flew on new budget airliner Norwegian Airlines with direct service from O'Hare to London Gatwick. After we booked the flights and obtained our tickets to the Stones concert, we discovered that the weekend we were going there was in fact the weekend of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.

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Click Here To Listen The Rolling Stones Play Tumbling Dice

We stayed in the heart of London's West End at the Cumberland Hotel, which was where I stayed last October when I came over with Sisters Jean & Laurie for Dowager Chief's 60th Birthday do.

We took in all the usual haunts like restaurants Sticky Fingers & Salieri's. Again, we watched the Phantom of the Opera from the 1st row at Her Majesty's Theater. We worshiped on Pentecost Sunday at St. Paul's Cathedral. We hit the Portobello Road Market and all the shopping one could handle from Oxford Street to Knightsbridge.

We even re-created a picture at a Pub in Covent Garden that Kathy & I stumbled across on our 1st trip together to the UK way back in 1997. Though much has changed over the 21 years - some things don't - as there's still only one of us quaffing a tepid pint.

But the highlight, of course, was seeing the Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band in the World - Kathy for the 17th time, me for the 31st.

The Stones, now in their mid-seventies, put on a great show as usual at the London Olympic Stadium where Kathy & I joined 70,000 other aging rockers and sang and danced for the 2 hour show.

Video all the way on the bottom is of The Princess dancing to Keith Richard's anthem "Before They Make Me Run", decked out in her new Stones Hoodie. I don't know who was singing so loudly in the background.


Well the week went by all to quickly.

But I have to say I had a great time not just because we were in London,

But because I could spend a week With Just my Kathy - The Greatest Blessing In My Life.

Couple that with The Greatest Rock 'n'Roll Band in the World and I'll say

Life Is Pretty Good!