On Saturday Aug 12, Kathy & I joined sisters Chief & Nancy and drove up to St Joe's Michigan to visit

Uncle Ron & Aunt Marcy!

Uncle Ron is my Dad's beloved brother and he along with my Aunt Marcy live a very active retirement up in Michigan. We had talked forever about going up to see them, but bossy sister Laurie ordered, "Enough! We're Going.!.". And so we did.

Uncle Ron's middle child Jayne, lives next door to them along with her chap, Marty. Jayne's kids, Billy and babe-a-liscious Lindsey, live with their families close by and we were all able to get re-acquainted quickly.

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Uncle Ron & Aunt Marcy's oldest child Cyndy, flew in with her husband Rich from Vegas, where Cyndy is a hottie property manager for most of the big hotels on the Strip (or she should be.) Ron & Marcy's youngest child is James, the newly married executive Chef at the best steak house in Dallas. Sadly he wasn't able to come. Happily, cousin Debbie Bellew was there and together we had a great time.

The drive to St Joes is a snappy 2 hours and we met up at their home and then went to lunch at Babe's restaurant right in the city. Picture left is of the ladyfolk throwing back their 3rd round of "Apple Moonshine" shots, while the fellas looked on sipping their ice water.

Following watching the girls get tanked, we went out to the marina and spent an absolutely lovely afternoon on the Family Cabin Cruiser. This Great Lakes faring yacht features 2 Staterooms, 2 bathrooms, galley, living room and is beautiful!

Atop the Crows Nest, me & Uncle Ron chatted about all sorts of things - jobs, family, interests, etc. I really enjoyed it as I've always loved my Uncle Ron and in a way it was like talking with my dad for a bit again. They are so alike.

Uncle Ron set an important example in my life. Uncle Ron made his living in what was a new field at the time called Information Technology. His example was an inspiration to me as I searched for what I wanted to do. So even though I am the 2nd best IT guy in the family, I'm proud to say the best is my Uncle Ron.

After lounging on the boat - it was back to their house for a rousing game of Pollyanna, which came down to the last few rolls until the Ridge Avenue Boys (Ron & Me) dispatched Laurie & Debbie (Johnson) Bellew.

And then sadly it was time to go, so we all said our teary goodbyes with promises of getting together more frequently.

Family has always been Oh so important to us and God Blessed our Family when he gave us

Uncle Ron & Aunt Marcy!

We love you All!