In an unexpected summer of Horse Racing Fun, Princess Kathy Racing wins her

3rd race in a row!

Together with Trainers Mickey Goldfine & Neil Pessin, we bought Supercede - a 6 year old Mare in July and watched as she promptly reeled off 3 monster wins in a row - the latest of which was this past Friday, 7-September at Arlington Park.

Ridden each time by Bad Ass Jockey Edgar Perez,

Supercede has been perfect, each race stalking the pace and then blowing by everyone down the lane to secure relatively easy victories - now 3 in a row.

Princess Kathy Racing is an enterprise owned by son Ben & I - named for the only Princess in our family - Her highness Kathy. We use this stable to amuse us while we wait for our next horse in the extended family stable - Red Rabbit Racing.

At the race we had a fine turnout, including sisters Jean & Nancy, Aunt Peggy in town to watch her Grandaughter Sophie skate in a Figure Skating Competition, Son Bradley and girlfriend Tina, friend Megan and of course that Rascal Grandson Thor.

Note: Thor also brought his trusty Bow and Arrow which I'm quite sure is the first time that has appeared in any Arlington Winners Circe Photo. During the race, we separated Thor's Bow from his Arrows as we didn't want Thor launching one and cut down one of the contestants. Important safety tip there.....

Trainer Mickey Goldfine, assisted by his wife, Jan does a great job training Supercede. They care for her so well, have her ready each Raceday and truly put her interests first - which is what every trainer should do - but sometimes don't. Thanks Mickey & Jan. We are going to try and squeeze one more race in here at Arlington before they close, and then she will move south to race at Hawthorne Race Course during the fall.

Picture upper left is of Supercede literally flying over the Finish Line. Upper right is the Princess Kathy Racing logo. Left is the Princess with sister Nancy, Jean, Bad Ass Jockey Edgar Perez & and Aunt Peggy. Just right is that Rascal Thor after launching an arrow at some bettors at the window....

Picture all the way on bottom is of the entire crew after the race.....

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the race with us.

You know I love that winners Circle!