It was over to Nancy's for a

Happy Thankgsiving!

On a crisp cold Thanksgiving afternon, Kathy, I & Brett, went over to sister Nancy's for a great feast and celebration. Youngest son Brad arrived after dinner with girlfriend Tina, as did Ben and Uncle Jordan too.

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Eldest Sister Chief was there with Jeff, but sadly - no Allison - as she had to work. Jean & Steven were in Europe so they weren't there. We missed Jean.

Randy and Nancy had their entire clan there, including Babe daughter Jaclyn along with Ryan and Godson Tyler. Randy's brother John and wife Debbie were there and later joined by their youngest son Eric, his wife and their 2 year old Dylan.

Nancy laid on an incredible feast with everything you could ever imagine. The leftovers alone would feed an army for a month or two.

Just the dessert table alone featured 2 types of Brownies, an Apple Pie, a Pumpkin Pie, Kathy's Chocolate Lasagna, Thanksgiving Cookies, & Ice Cream - just Awesome!

Picture upper right is me with a few of my nephews and niece. The Eric Perryman family is to the left and mid-right is a VERY stylish Jeff with his Mom, Laurie. All the way on the bottom is the Randy & Nancy Perryman clan.

Thanks Nancy & Randy for a great thanksgiving.

We give thanks to God for all our Blessings!