Can you believe that our Thor is

3 years Old!

Wow, that's right, our 1st grandchild is turning 3 and his parents, son Bryan & daughter-in-law Sabrina hosted a birthday bash at their home in Antioch.

The setting was Super Bowl Sunday, 2 days before Thor's actual Birthday. Sabrina had invited me, Ben & Jordan, Brett, and Brad & Tina for the big party. Grandma Kathy was in Florida, so she missed the big day - but Thor did not miss any presents as Grandma made sure he was loaded up with them before she headed South.

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Presents abounded, with Thor getting a bouncy Trampoline, courtesy of Brad, Tina & Brett, Books, a play table, and a Lego Pizza Place (more on that later).

Sabrina laid on a beautiful feast with snick snacks, cold beverages and those zesty boneless Wings & Tots from favourite restaurant Wingz, Etc in downtown Antioch. We settled in to enjoy the company, watch the game and be constantly entertained by Thor.

So Ben & Thor put together the Lego Pizza Place and started serving Plastic Logo pizzas almost immediately. Grandpa (me) stepped up and ordered a pie to which Thor said "No, Grandpa!". However Auntie Jordan, following me, stepped up & ordered a pie which was immediately delivered by Thor. So again I said to Thor that I wanted a Pizza. And for the 2nd time, Thor denied my request with an even more forceful "No, Grandpa!!!"

So, very hungrily, I reached over and nibbled on a piece of Jordan's Lego Pizza Pie and Thor, seeing this, had now had quite enough.

"Grandpa - you get a TIME-OUT!", barked out Thor and he grabs me by the hand and walks me over to the stairs. I was then directed to sit quietly on the third step and commence crying. (Apparently, this is what happens to Thor when HE misbehaves).

Well everyone in the house is howling as they see Thor discipline Grandpa for asking for a plastic piece of a Lego Pizza from a Pizza Place that Grandpa had bought as a Birthday present for Thor! Picture right shows my shame! The Rascal!

Enjoy the video below of Thor jumping on his new Trampoline below. It was a great time and I give thanks to God for this blessed Grandson of ours. Wish Kathy could have been there, but hopefully these pictures make her feel like she was.

He is the light of our Life!

Happy third birthday Thor!