Opening the 2018 summer wedding season, it was an honor to attend the nuptials of

Zachary & Kristen Gray!

Zach is the youngest child of 1st cousin Barb Gray & still studly hubby Randy. Barb is the daughter of Favourite Auntie Joyce and my beloved Godfather Russ Johnson.

They were married on June 2nd and threw a festive Reception at Bloomingdale Country Club in Chicago's western suburbs. I'm not sure what Zach does - but I think it's quite important. And lovely Kristen, I'm told, is an engineer. As you can see they make a beautiful couple.

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From my family, second son Ben and new babe wife Jordan attended, while youngest boy Bradley and hottie girlfriend Tina were there as well. Sadly Bryan, Sabrina & Brettie couldn't attend.

On my arm, of course, was babe-a-licious Katrina, looking radiant while smelling of her new absurdly expensive Jo Malone London Fragrance named "Pomegranite Noir". I think that translates to "Black Peach". Her aroma was intoxicating.

All my sisters were there - Dowager Chief, Jean & Nancy. Jean's husband, family nemesis Steve, was unable to attend as he had clumsily driven a 10 penny nail into his wrist that turned septic. Even though he is a constant source of irratation to me - I do wish him a speedy recovery - so he can get back to annoying us all real soon.

Picture upper left, of course, is the Happy Couple. Picture left is that Pride of Galway Aidan, yours truly, and Jeff "Dancing Rabbit" Johnson. Now tell me - does that snap remind you of 3 untamed stallions in the wild - or what?

Picture right is Ben, Tina, Jordan, & Brad, where snap below features most of the cousins that I was able to corrall for a photo. These 2 pictures were taken "Kennedy Style" where all the people in the picture are NOT allowed to be either next to their date or next to their sibling. That's because when the Kennedy's took a family photo, they split everyone up in the same fashion showing that they weren't 5 or 6 families - but ONE FAMILY.

That's us too. ONE FAMILY.

Next up on the Marriage Derby is Zach's lovely sister Chelsea, who will marry on a beach in Florida pretty darn soon. After that wedding, nephew John Gallo tee's it up with Beauty Babe Brittney in Nebraska, I believe. Godson Scott Gallo (shown in center in snap above), marries his gorgeous Nina (shown next to Ben) in 2019 - right here in Chicago. Whew, thats alot of Weddings coming up.

God Bless Zach & Kristen!

Thank you for including us on your Wedding Day!

We love you both!