At precisely 7:58AM on February 25, 2019, we shouted for joy at the birth of

Ashton Anthony Johnson!

Weighing in at a chiseled 8 lbs - 2 ozs, this, our second Grandson was delivered flawlessly by Daughter-In-Law Sabrina at Highland Park Hospital on this cold, cold Monday.

Mother and Son are doing just fine thank you, and Kathy, Brett, Thor & I raced up to meet this new rascal as soon as we got the "All Clear" from Bryan.

The name "Ashton" was a surprise to all and was favored by Sabrina, who in the best tradition of Johnson Mother's Will, prevailed over Bryan's suggestion of "Lincoln". Middle name "Anthony", of course, is after Sabrina's loving father Anthony, unable to come to the hosptial in person due to his illness - but saw his new Grandson on Facetime soon after he was born.

Big Tony... Your Grandson Is Just PERFECT!

Sabrina's Mom Sue, was at Hospital, on cloud nine, loving up her new grandson while also getting plenty of hugs from Thor.

Thor raced around the Waiting Room with a cape that said "Big Brother" trailing in the wind. He has a little problem remembering Ashton's name as you can see in the video, but he will be a Stellar Big Brother.

Plans call for Mother & Baby to be in the hospital through Thursday. Bryan begins a 6 week "Paternity" Leave from his job at BCBSI - so all is in place when the homecoming occurs.

Kathy & I are so proud and happy for Sabrina, Bryan & Thor

We thank God for this perfect Gift

Just what will Ashton see in his life !?!