On a snowy Jan 12, it was off to Pheasant Run in St Charles to see

Burning Bridges In Concert!

The band is anchored by drummer & good friend Bobby Bostanche, husband of Shelly Bostanche. Shelly has been our longtime friend and is also the Executive Admin to our CEO at Hendrickson. In fact, more than 15 Hendrickson folk turned out to party - most of which are seen left.

Burning Bridges has been together more than a couple years now and plays a wide variety of Classic to Today's Rock. They have a Facebook site and can be found by clicking RIGHT HERE. If you get a chance to see them - don't miss it. They Rock!

Highlight of my evening - though lowlight for most everyone else- was that I was again called to the Stage to play the intricate Cowbell track on the Rolling Stones anthem, Honky Tonk Woman.

This is the second time I have done this, at Bobby's invitation. And I must say I was very much improved, starting with the fact that I didn't fall trying to get on the stage - as I did in my inaugural appearance.

As you watch the video, please take note that I strike the Cowbell on both the Beat AND the Syncopated Off-Beat, as it was originally laid down by the late, great Rolling Stones producerJimmy Miller back when it was recorded in 1969. I tell you, with the Stones touring again this summer, and Jimmy dead as a doornail, I won't be a bit surprised if I get the nod from Mick or Keith to step in and play on the Tour.

Really, I'm that good.

On stage, the lights were very bright and I couldn't see out into the audience to see if any of the ladies were rushing the stage, while throwing their undergarments towards me on the stage. But Kathy was smokin' jealous when I was done - so I suspect they were.....

Picture top left is the whole group trying to grab Rockin' drummer Bobby Bostanche - as everyone - especially the ladies wanted a piece of him. Mid-Right is Lynn & Dave Templeton in the Theatre with Kevin, to the right, blown away by something. After the concert we retired to the bar to be served drinks by the World's Slowest Barkeep, who kept everyone thirsty all night. Bobby joined us after the show and we all had just a great time.

Thanks to Burning Bridges for the great show!

Thanks to Bobby for the tickets

Thanks for the [H] Mob that came out. 'Twas a great evening!