Can you imagine? Our Brad is now a

Doctor Of Physical Therapy!

We are so proud of our youngest who worked so very hard for 7 Years earning his Undergrad and Graduate degrees from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, culminating with his Graduation this past May 10, 2019.

The Graduation Ceremony was held at the NIU Convention Center. Each of the 35 Doctoral Candidates from Brad's class were adorned with their "Doctoral Hood" from an equally proud Professor as they walked across the stage to receive their diploma.

At the Ceremony were Brad's beautiful girlfriend Christina, her parents Jackie & David, our neighbor Mrs Lee, Brett, Kathy & myself. The Hankies got a workout - I can tell you.

As we arrived at the Ceremony, Tina was ready with the program to point out Brad's name in the Graduation list - a critical moment for me. I started Blubbering right then and didn't stop for a couple hours.

Make sure you look at all the pictures and watch the video that David Beck took from the Arena Jumbotron as Brad was "Hooded". We are so thankful that Christina, Jackie, David & Mrs Lee were there. I know that made Dr. Brad happy too.

The Doctor now will focus on taking his Board exams this coming July. He already has a job offer that he is negotiating, but will want to complete his Board Exams before he takes on work Full Time.

Thanks to the Beck's & Sharron Lee for sharing this big day with Brad

All thanks to God for guiding Brad through these last 7 years. And...

God bless you Doctor Johnson. You have made us so very proud!