On an overcast, rainy June 30th, 2 family events collided on the same day. On the Undercard was a Red Rabbit Racing RaceDay - but the Marquee event was

Brittney's Wedding Shower!

Brittney is the beautiful fiancee of my nephew John, son of lovely sister Jean and n'eer-do-well husband Steven. They are slated for a September Wedding in America's Heartland in far western Iowa.

Brittney does something stellar in the Health Care field and John flies for the United States Air Force. They make their home in Omaha, NE., in a brand new house guarded by their deaf as a doornail dog, Aspen.

Alas, I was not proffered an invitation to this HenFest, so I politely asked my chatty wife, Princess Kathy, to file a Full Shower Report for reprint here. As she is vacationing (again) in Florida, she asked to give me a verbal recap over the phone, as she was just too damn stressed by the pool to email it to me. In a word, her verbal recap was PITIFUL!

So, I will reconstruct some of the major events out of WHOLE CLOTH utilizing my deductive powers to interpret the action from the pictures. Thanks for going the extra mile Kathy.

The Bash was held at Gianni's in Palatine, where I understand they lay on an excellent Brunch Buffet. The girls were setup in a side room at a single monstrous table, adorned with Party Favours that looked to include some type of Flamingo Shaped Stylus issued to each attendee. Festive balloons and lovely flowers all surrounded a beautiful Cake for our Brittney. Side Note: Wedding Colors include Dusty Rose.

I count at least 16 hens attended the Party and following luncheon looked to play a few games entitled:

(Princess Kathy's detailed 5 word Party Report didn't include the Contest Winners. Thanks again.)

Following the Bash, Brittney led the stampede over to Arlington Park where we watched our Majestic Hero run like a snail - capping off a Great Day. If you watched the Race - you know that Brittney's Party was the Day's Highlight!

Congratulations to Brittney on a Beautiful Shower

We are so happy to welcome you into the family

Johnny Boy - WELL DONE!