An unusally warm, clear day, began with a beautiful Red Sunrise that greeted us this

Blessed Christmas Day!

Kathy, I, Brett & Brad awoke and scampered downstairs to  open presents under our own tree. Kathy's favourite was a new Breville Food Processor, while Rick's was a new "Smart" Roller Board that would make any electronic Geek proud.   I don't remember what the boys got.

Following that it was off to church for 10 AM Worship where Pastor Hildner had a wonderful sermon that can be seen here.  If you missed church this Christmas - or even if you didn't - check this out 'twas a beautiful message.

Then we hightailed it over to sister Jean and husband Steve's abode for a great Christmas Brunch with all my sisters & their families.  All the cousins were there except Bryan & Sabrina, and John & Brittney, who were out of town.   They were missed.  We also missed Mom who stayed down in sunny Florida this year.   Little did she know that it was almost as warm in Chicago!

Jaclyn led us off reading Luke's Christmas Gospel, and then Jeannie laid on the Spread.   Scrumptious.  The Cousins had a Grab Bag gift exchange that came up next.  The rules of the Grab Bag included "Stealing A Gift At Will" which made it a bit more interesting.  Picture left is the cousins and their spoils.   

The sisters had their usual exchange, so this year one of the bro-in-laws suggested we have a gift exchange as well.   Well, idiot Bro-in-law Steve, gave me a old man's bike horn (chortle, chortle) while he gave Randy an actual, game worn Bridle from the Magnificent Champion, General Charley.

Well, Steve giving that gift to Randy absolutely sent me into outer space, as I railed on bonehead Steven for not giving that to me- where it rightfully belonged.

To make things worse, Randy queried "That Charley was one of our horses, right?"

After that mess got sorted, we just spent the rest of the afternoon just being a family.  I even forgave Steve.

We are so blessed that we have each other

After we departed Jean's I headed out to see Cousin Jeff and his lovely wife Vicky at their home.  Jeff is one of the Founding Partners of Red Rabbit Racing. They were hosting Christmas with sister Deb, her son Michael, and brother Matthew's family down from Wisconsin. 

I didn't stay long - just long enough to wish Merry Christmas to them, take a few snaps and scoop up about 5 pounds of Vicky's famous Panszit - a tasty Phillipian treat that Kathy just loves.

I think a new tradition may have begun of turning up uninvited to Jeff & Vicky's Christmas celebration in the future.  Don't know if they liked it - but I sure did.  Was great to see their whole crowd. 

My Dad & Uncle Bob would be overjoyed to see us together for the Holidays.  That's where family belongs.

Love to all this Christmas Day

God has truly blessed us!

Christ Our Savior is Born!