Continuing a tradition that has gone on for decades, it was off to Jay & Val's home for the

Christmas Eve Gala!

An unusually warm day made it comfortable to gather all the presents & food and head over to the celebration around 3pm.

Kathy's brothers, Jay & Gary, were there with their families, along with Val's parents, Walter & Shirley.   Lane & Jameson and their darling daughters were there early.  Our Bryan & Sabrina along with their 2 rascals were already there when we arrived.  Soon after Brad & Tina swung by, followed by lovely Olivia and sister - making it a full house. 

About to be married Jayson was there - but alas without fiance Meghan as whe was with her family in either Michigan or Massachusetts.    Jayson told me where - twice I believe -  but I don't remember.

The usual great spread was laid on and everyone enjoyed the feast. Most delicious this year were Katarina's potatoes along with Jan's Deviled Eggs.  Jay had the tasty Ham under attack early and it was just GREAT!

Picture upper right is of Jay & Val, with her parents Shirley & Walter.  Middle left is Lane & Jameson's angelic daughter thanking her Aunty Kathy for her Cooking & Baking set complete with Apron.  I believe it was her favourite.   Middle right is Thor & Grandpa decked out in their matching Flannel Shirts, while Walt looks on saying "Where the Hell's my shirt?"!

As I said, this Christmas Eve tradition has gone on since the early '90's.   Check out all the way on the bottom for a snap of the group way back in 2002!

Many thanks to Jay & Val for this annual get together on Christmas Eve.

God Bless you both &

Merry Christmas!